Lots of great work coming out of Yorks Department of Design in Ontario! Anton Jeludkov is a recent graduate who like Kevin Paolozzi found his way to the 2D program at Cranbrook. Anton produces work that nicely combines digital and analog, it seems to be a common thread of Cranbrook students to produce work that not is just one thing. Work often combines many styles, contemporary/historic references, & mediums. A lot of his displayed student work is part of an independent study titled “Culture Independent of No Past: A Search for Modernism” which was a year-longstudy in his last year of undergrad. The study revolved around the subject of Modernism; seeking to distill the meaning and significance of Modernism in contemporary design practice by drawing parallels with defining characteristics of early 20th century literature.

You also see a lot of the students coming out of York with writing in their portfolio (wow)! I would recommend his short essay ‘Too Much of a Good Thing is a Bad Thing.’ The work seems fresh, in a world where everyone sees everything, how can you make something new? Anton challenges that question and I hope designers everywhere, especially students, will do the same thing. An essay by Matt Owens titled ‘From Technology to Commodity. Where do we go from here?’ from Emigre Issue 34 comes to mind. Written SEVENTEEN years ago and as relevant as ever. An excerpt:

“In both the academy and the workplace, the question, “How did you do that?” has replaced notions of concept and intent. For young designers weaned on Photoshop filters and Illustrator outlines, pushing the boundaries of text and image is an expected pursuit. These experiments in graphic form, divorced from conceptual value and substantive content, can only rest for so long on the laurels of technology.’

Until what end do we continue on this path? Where does graphic design lie today? Where will it be tomorrow?

YSDN 10 Branding [A1, System]

Form is Content [30x60 in., 3 posters]

Anton & his lecture poster for Jon Sueda at Cranbrook