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The Flat Files

The Flat Files – Episode Four:

Featuring ‘Andrew Lessman’, a graduation recital poster from 2009. Designed by Aaron Vinton.

The Flat Files – Episode Three:

Featuring ‘Frank Escher + Ravi GuneWardena’, a visiting artist lecture poster from 2009. Designer unknown, someone please tell me! It’s one of my favorites.  

The Flat Files – Episode Two:

Featuring ‘Won’t You Be Our Neighbor’, A Graphic Design End of Year Show Poster featuring silhouettes of every graphic designer in the program from 2008. Designed by Gretchen Nash.

The Flat Files – Episode One:

Introducing Chris Burnett‘s new series, ‘The Flat FIles’ where he will take an in-depth look into The Flat Files of CalArts and hand select his favorites. Here is the first episode: Featuring Harry Dodges and Stanya Kahn, A Visiting Artist Poster designed by Stephanie Chen.